Yesterday morning, I woke up to this:

It was wet. It was heavy, and the dogs loved it.

shouldn’t have been surprised. Colorado’s complex geography of mountains, canyons, plains and valleys leads to complex climate, and residents have been known to experience a 75 degree day and a bitter snowstorm all in the same 24 hours. Put another way, there’s reason the state slogan is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”  

That said, the weather can’t get warmer fast enough for me. It’s been a dreary winter and I’ve been ready for a tulip-sprouting spring. This wasn’t it. 

Normally,  Colorado snow is light and fluffy, stuff we skiers call “champagne powder.” Ten inches of champagne powder is so light, it can be blown off a deck with a good Metro Dryer, but that’s not what fell last night. What fell last night was white cement: Heavy, wet, and “sticky.”

This isn’t a bad picture – honest. It’s the best one can do with a really black Puli against really white snow. Well, maybe it’s a sort of bad picture.

It was the kind of “sticky”snow that forms tiny little snow balls in a dog’s coat and never lets go.

No joke, this picture was taken 45 minutes after the dog came in!

It’s no mystery, then, that after a spring snowstorm, my floors look like this…………………..

……………….or this:

……………or that this common household item becomes as much a part of the decor as the furniture:

I know what you're thinking here. Don't. Even. Say. It.

I know what you’re thinking here. Don’t. Even. Go. There.

I’ve long suspected that my dogs have made sport out of this time of year by holding competitions: Which of them can attract the most amount of snow to their cords, track it into the house, shake it off, and cause me to skid across a wet floor at the greatest velocity before hitting drywall and leaving a cut-out shape of my body? One day, I fully expect them to whip out score cards from underneath their cords to assess me on style and grace.

All kidding aside, I saw opportunity with this snowstorm. I’ve been wanting to “test drive” the “Dirty Dog Doormat” made by Dog Gone Smart for some time, and the conditions yesterday were ideal.

The "Dirty Dog Doormat"

The “Dirty Dog Doormat”

The “Dirty Dog Doormat” touts itself as a mat made of “magical Microfiber Technology” that magically (and instantly) soaks up to seven times its weight in water, mud and dirt through millions of microfiber strands, but as far as I’m concerned, the real experts of “magical” and “instantly” are the owners of corded dogs.  If the mat passed the “wet Puli test,” I could recommend it.


The darker areas are quite wet just from a quick stroll  by a wet dog

I played with the exposure in this photograph to better show contrast. The darker areas are quite damp just from a Puli walking over it (the white is a decorative paw print design)

I was impressed.  The longer the dog stood on the mat, the greater the amount of water the mat absorbed, and even a simple stroll over it soaked up an impressive amount of moisture.

The details: The mats come in brown, maroon and khaki, and two sizes: Medium:  31″ x 20″ and large: 35″ x 26.”  They’re also available as dog runners: 60″ x 30″ (which will be my next acquisition). The mats can be used in cars, crates, and under food and water bowls, but I can’t wait to try the mat out on a grooming table while splitting down the coat of a wet Puli.

The mats can be machined washed (but don’t use fabric softener) and should be line-dried.  They retail for $49.99, but Pet Flow has them listed at 19.99. I’m sorry to say that the mats are made in China.

This is the official video for the Dirty Dog Mat:

The Dirty Dog Doormat gets a resounding two thumbs up from me.


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