It’s a Rhodamine Pink Party & You’re Invited!

by Susi on February 3, 2012

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At long last, the AKC/Eukanuba Dog Show will be televised tomorrow (check here for times). There will be simultaneous on-line parties at both Twitter and Facebook where I’ll be stopping by not only to answer burning questions (how did we get Eukanuba to lend us their Vice President of Canine Communications so we could make that video) but to give away some stupendously great vouchers for free bags of Eukanuba dog food. You’d better be brushing up on your breed trivia. Just saying.

To get you in the mood, enjoy a slide show set to music that has NOTHING to do with dogs, but I like it. You might see some folks you know, if not dogs, too, so sit back,  have a moment, and I’ll see you tomorrow at the party. Wear pink.


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