The New Yorkie Runway Doggie Fashion Show and Angel on a Leash

by Susi on March 15, 2012

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Visiting a New York City flea market just before attending the New Yorkie Runway Doggie Fashion Show put me in two very different worlds in a very short amount of time. What they had in common was splendid people watching.

In stark contrast to the flea market where I had rubbed shoulders with crusty vendors, savvy collectors and street people seeking warmth from the cold, the fashion show was a posh affair held at the New Yorker Hotel where I mingled with the well heeled, the well known and the well coiffed. All had opened their wallets to benefit a terrific therapy dog program,  Angels on a Leash.

“Angels,” as it’s called, began as a charitable activity of the Westminster Kennel Club in 2004. Its mandate: To offer a customized approach using therapy dogs for each health care, rehabilitation, hospice, extended care, correctional and crisis intervention facility with which it worked. “Angels’ was approved as an independent charity in 2007 and by 2008, therapy dog teams routinely visited over nine prestigious facilities including St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis and Sloan Kettering in New York City.  The Ronald McDonald House in NYC can always count on a visit from Westminster’s Best in Show dog the day after winning Best in Show,  and last month I was privileged to see first hand the magic that “Malachy,” this year’s winner, had on the ill children there. It was poignant beyond words.

I’ll let more photos tell the rest of the story.

The fashion show included beautiful men........


Beautiful children (and dogs).........


and beautiful women - this is Miss Universe


David Frei was there to co-host, and as co-founder and Chairman of Board of Angel on a Leash, the charity is near and dear to his heart. His latest book, "Angel on a Leash' shares the everyday miracles of therapy dogs that he's witnessed first hand

Meteorologist, Ron Trotta and SCHMITTY THE WEATHER DOG were there, too. Ron, an accomplished pianist, entertained us during "costume changes"


Another celebrity was there, and as a fan of movies from the 1950s, I was thrilled to spot her.  If you remember the movie, High Society” with Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, you’ll remember Celeste Holm. To jog your memory, here she is in a duet with Sinatra

This is Celeste Holm today. She's an ardent supporter of Angel on a Leash, and was sitting opposite me divided only by the runway. She's now 90 years old

In my blog about the flea market, I shared a sketch I thought was really well done. It’s below on the left.

 Do you see the resemblance between the subject of the sketch at the left and the dog at the right?  I sure did.









The fashion show, of course, was all about the dogs and their interests weren’t forgotten when it came to snacks. I very nearly gobbled up one of these treats as I collected my wine. The bartender wouldn’t have stopped me.

At this fashion show, it was the dogs who strutted their stuff, some of who had been working for months to perfect their modeling in their particular costumes. The dogs LOVED the attention.

The more the audience clapped, the more this Poodle "wiggled" to make the taxi cab bounce. It was adorable

It was a well crafted taxi-cab costume, as was THIS cab below. Can you tell the material from which it’s made?

Did you guess that this taxi cab is made from cupcakes?

I'm not sure what he was, but he wore it well

There had been try-outs to qualify for the show, and here was one happy winner

These dogs hardly had to do more than sit and be wheeled around. They loved it.












An Afghan Hound, I feel, has a built in advantage over all other dogs; They don’t need to do much more than hang around to look elegant

And before we knew it, it was over.  The dogs had a great time, the people enjoyed themselves even more – and a wonderful charity was the beneficiary of it all.  Here’s more information about Angel on a Leash, and you can order David Frei’s book, Angel on a Leash here. 


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