Does This Bring You Joy?

November 12, 2015
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When I learned that a competitor from the group ring recently won her breed’s National Specialty, I was hardly surprised. In my view, her dog is the complete package: Sound, exemplary of breed type, showy – and a moving fool. That said, a National Specialty draws out many great dogs, and presumably, such was the […]

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Performance Anxiety in the Ring: The Great Equalizer

September 16, 2015

The Best in Show ring had seven marvelous dogs handled by seven experienced handlers, but one, a friend, was in trouble.  She was uncharacteristically sweaty and grim-faced, and her intensity was throwing her off her game. This was a new and unexpected look for a person who had as many Best in Show rosettes at […]

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Dogs, Dallas and Ebola

October 21, 2014
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My house is pulsating with activity this week as we prepare for an event that’s been on the calendar for a year: The first wedding in the family in over 30 years. We’ve foreseen wondering what to pack for a black tie wedding held out of state. What we didn’t anticipate was speculating as to […]

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How To Feed a Dog That Won’t Eat

September 2, 2014
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It’s something we will encounter at least once in our lives as dog owners, and in my opinion (possibly because of a cultural heritage that associates food with comfort and love) it’s one of the most frustrating of all problems. Our dog won’t eat.  What on earth do we do? Thirty years ago, we didn’t […]

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

February 25, 2014
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Every four years, the Winter Olympics and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show occur in the same month as it did just recently, and the juxtaposition of these two events reveals a curious hypocrisy on display by critics of dog shows. Vociferous in their disgust with competitions that reward beauty and soundness in purebred dogs, these […]

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The Sublime Potential of The Tin Foil Hat

October 15, 2013
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Aldous Huxley may have rocked the literary world with the futuristic vision he penned in Brave New World, but it’s his brother, Julian, to whom I tip my cap. Julian introduced the “tin foil hat” when the protagonist in his 1927 science fiction short story, “The Tissue-Culture King,” discovered that “caps of metal foil” could block the effects […]

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Keeping Up Appearances

September 25, 2013
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I’d been in the sport for only a few years, but it wasn’t lost on me that some of my competitors appeared to be on really friendly terms with judges to whom I’d been showing my dog. Sometimes I would see them stop to shake hands or hug each other as they crossed paths at […]

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Do as I Feel, Not as You Think: The Impenetrable Wall Facing the Dog Fancy

September 19, 2013
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We’ve all done it. We “share” a Facebook post that resonates with us, retweet a “tweet” for the same reason, or forward an e-mail to friends whom we think will enjoy a picture or agree with its message.  Haven’t we all gotten e-mails that show the topic in the subject line preceded by Fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd? My […]

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