National Purebred Dog Day 2015: A Review

May 11, 2015

Now that National Purebred Dog Day 2015 is in the rearview mirror and there’s been a chance to assess and reflect, can the day be considered a success, and if so, by what measure? Did it have an impact, what can be learned from it, and where do we go from here? To answer one […]

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National Purebred Dog Day’s Toolbox

March 16, 2015
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Of all the things running through my head during last week’s vote to recognize May 1 as National Purebred Dog Day, unbridled joy was not one of them. Sitting as I was in the inner sanctum of the Colorado State Capitol, I could have been expected to be giddy, if not nervous, as I watched legislators […]

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I See Dead People (Where Others see Dogs)

October 22, 2013
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As the story goes, the air raid had come upon them suddenly. My mother, then pregnant with my brother, barely had enough time to duck into a shelter. Only after it had been quiet a long time did the occupants brave coming out to see what was left of their small town.  A horse had […]

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The Dumbing Down of the Dog Culture

September 5, 2013
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Over the weekend at a dog show, I overheard the handler of a Cane Corso tell an inquiring pair of spectators that his dog was an Italian Mastiff.  Curious, I asked the handler if this term was what fanciers of the breed preferred over Cane Corso to describe their dogs. “No,” he replied cheerfully, “it’s […]

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Mixed Kibble

July 25, 2013
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I’m sometimes asked whose web sites or blogs I read since I’m a writer, myself. There are a lot of fine writers out there and honestly, it’s hard to keep up and write for my own space, too. It’s important, however, to stay apprised of trends, legislation and different points of view, and in the […]

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That’ll do, Pig.

February 25, 2013

Writing again. I’d forgotten how good it feels to write for my own space. Although I never stopped writing over the last few weeks, my project called for a different kind of craftsmanship best described as the difference between whistling and singing. Both put out a melody, but differently. Do you know what I mean? […]

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Slow Death by Dog

January 28, 2013
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I wanted to able to lick my eyeballs. Nothing dramatic, you understand, just a quick flick of the tongue. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Against my better judgment, I agreed to have the closing for the refinance of our home done at our home yesterday. I’m “old school” and typically prefer this sort of […]

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Etiquette Outside the Show Ring

January 23, 2013
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Today, I’m on this side of cranky. I’d been wanting a gyro from a particular restaurant for weeks, and nothing else would do. You know how it is: You get a food craving out of the blue, and until you finally eat the damn thing,  it grows into an obsession. Back in the day, my […]

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Mean Old Jessica

January 16, 2013
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I once read that it’s physically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. This meant, of course, that I would spend much of my foolish young life trying to do it. Ok. It was last year. I actually came close once, but because my eyes left their sockets, the attempt didn’t count and thus was […]

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