These Rules Apply to Each Photo Challenge Listed Below Unless Otherwise Indicated:

1) Limit one photo submission per person per “challenge;”

2) Photo caption must indicate the name of the challenge for which it is competing, or it will be put into the “general” contest (see below);

3) Each photo must include a purebred dog(s). Because we anticipate shenanigans from those who are opposed to our message, the right is reserved to delete any photo not thought to be in the best interest of the spirit of National Purebred Dog Day; 

4) Each photo must include an “I (heart) Purebred Dogs” sign or the official “Pedigree” t-shirt, hoodie or tote bag from the Booster or Kickstarter campaign;

5) Photos should be posted on NPDD’s Facebook page under the appropriate heading between 12:01 am and midnight on May 1, 2015 MST; 

6) Despite however many people are in the photograph, prizes go to the person who submits the winning photo;

7) The contest is for fun, so have fun, get some giggles, get your dog to giggle, it’s all good;

8) Oh, and all decisions are final. 

“The Bad Hair Day Challenge”


B-Air Dryers

1) Shipping considerations limits this contest to US participation

2) This challenge will be won by the photo which best meets the theme of the contest, “Bad Hair Day.”

The prize, a BD-1 Air Dryer, has been generously donated by the B-Air Dryer folks. It offers great portability for dog shows and mobile groomers,  is is UL, CSA, ETL and CE approved, and comes in 4 fabulous colors. For more info on the dryer, click here:


The “Go The Distance” Challenge”

This challenge will be won by the photo taken at the farthest distance away from Denver, Colorado as determined by an on-line distance calculator.

1)  The winning photo MUST include a recognizable landmark or signpost proving it was taken where you say it was taken. The contest is open to all countries (last year, we got an entry from Mongolia which we bragged about for months, so New Zealand, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, and yes, Mongolia, knock yourselves out.

The prize is a Port & Company Tote made of 600 denier polyester, the tote features a large main section with smaller interior pockets, a left side pocket, and shorter handles which allow the bag to be hand carried. Your tote bag will also contain NPDD’s oval bumper sticker.

Alice Grillo3



The “Wrap” Challenge


wrap 1


wrap 2


The word, “wrap” is interpretive, to be sure, so the photograph that best captures the word as the photographer imagines it is our winner as long as it also meets these rules:

The “wrap” prize is a custom, breathable mesh ex-pen wrap panel ($85 value) measuring 48″ x 31″ and made of the same durable fabric that hangs on ball field fences. The donor, “Collie Expressions,” will invite the winner to submit their logo or design for the panel and asks only that they include “National Purebred Dog Day/May 1” somewhere on the panel. This contest is open to all countries, however, if the winner is outside the US, it’s asked that they pay the shipping difference.

My gratitude to Collie Expressions for helping make May 1 challenging and fun. To see more possibilities for the panels, visit their site:

The “Smart Candy Shopper Challenge”


The “Smart Candy Shopper Challenge” asks you to submit a photo which visually answers the question, “What will your purebred dog do for a treat?”

The prize: Five pounds of candy generously donated by the terrific folks at Smart CandyShopper.  What couldn’t you do with five pounds of gummi bears, Tootsie Rolls, jellybeans and more?

You want this prize for those long road trips, as snacks for judges, to put in gift bags and more. There is an impressive choice of candy options for the winner (see them here:

Because of shipping considerations, this contest is limited to United States participants.


The “Odd Couple” Photo Challenge


1) “The Odd Couple” photo theme challenge is open to the entire planet;

2) Photos must meet the theme, “the odd couple” as you interpret it,  it be the dogs, the people owning the dogs or something else;

The prize is a Port and Company Tote as described in the “Go the Distance” Challenge as seen below which has been donated by National Purebred Dog Day




The Bloodhound Photo Challenge


Bloodhound friends, start your creative engines because the winner of this category goes to the “most creative use of a Bloodhound in a photograph in which the “I (heart) Purebred Dogs” sign also appears.” 

The prize is a Bloodhound mini messenger bag handcrafted in the USA of fine Italian calfskin and donated by Raw Dog Leather. It features a removable, washable lining and adjustable strap.


The “Dogs and Their Toys” Challenge



The “Dogs and Their Toys” challenge winner goes to the photograph that most captures the joy, athleticism, or goofiness of purebred dogs and their toys. The prize, a $100 gift certificate to Petempawcurium, has been graciously donated by Kismet, the Newfoundland. This contest is open to participants outside the US, however, you’ll want to check shipping charges on the website for items going outside the US.


The “Not Your Average (fill in the breed)” Challenge


You’ve seen these before, the fabulously wonderful renderings of our different breeds. “Not to Standard” has a way of making us chuckle while getting to the essence of our breeds. We’re thrilled, then, to announced that Lindsay, the talent behind “Not to Standard,” has donated a prize for this unique photo challenge.

The winner gets a custom tote bag with an image of THEIR dog on it, along with the downloadable file of the original image! Here’s the small print: If you win, you need to submit a photo of your dog to Lindsay along with a description of your dog’s personality. The prize will be sent to you directly from “Not to Standard’s” store. See samples of the tote bags here:

How to win? The photograph which most creatively and humorously shows how their dog isn’t typical of its breed wins –  and you can have an awful lot of fun with this.

The rules as stated above apply. Remember to indicate in your photo’s caption that you want it considered for the “Not Your Average (?) Challenge.”

The General Category


Prizes have been reserved for photo submissions that don’t quite fit any of the other contests, but that deserve recognition for reasons that are undefinable.  There are no rules other than the ones at the top of the page, and the only way winners will be determined by the judges is that they’ll know it when they see it.

What follows are the general prizes:

Breed Specific Gift Box!


The Gift box seen below is one of the first of a series of Purebred Dog Lover Gift Boxes which will be available on line at Amazon and Ebay. This box features the Dalmatian, but the winning entry will select the breed design of their choice which will also put their breed at the head of the design line.

The first designs, all featuring antique and vintage purebred dogs will be available in late Spring thru September.



The collectible folding box (10 x 10 x 6) contains English Breakfast Tea, Lavender Rose Tea, tea strainer, three lavender hand soaps , scented candle and two lavender sachets (not shown). Suggested retail value $79.99, this has been generously donated by Pat Ross Mere, Chris Border Terriers and Havanese.

 Black Dog Coffee Traders Coffee!


Several of you will be winning a pound of Black Dog Coffee Traders medium-dark coffee described as a “rich but not arrogant” bean, and the company can’t seem to get enough of it to keep up with demand! A blend of Kenya AA, Colombia Supremo and Sumatra beans results in a extraordinary coffee that has a full City Roast darkness–dark brown with no oil.  In addition to being purebred dog owners, themselves, the owners of Black Dog Coffee Traders donate 5% of all their sales to the AKC Canine Health Foundation for cancer research. Be sure to like their Facebook page here:  The coffee has been donated by Black Dog Coffee Traders,  National Purebred Dog Day, and is open to participation outside the US.



Stellarmule has donated a t-shirt in any size, color, and design you choose, with custom art celebrating the breed of your choice” (see your options here: These are truly fun shirts that include your breed’s silhouette as mythical beast, with angel-wings,breed “love,” with a punchline or with custom breed haiku. This prize can be shipped globally and is going into the “general” category which means that the photograph that catches our eye and isn’t entered in another challenge is eligible.



The Port & Company Tote Bag


It was discovered during the Kickstarter campaign when this tote bag was one of the perks just how fabulous a bag this is. Made of 600 denier polyester, the tote features a large main section with smaller interior pockets, a left side pocket, and shorter handles which allow the bag to be hand carried.

The tote bags which will also contain a National Purebred Dog Day oval bumper sticker have been donated by National Purebred Dog Day. Suitable for your car, tack box, and even your forehead.



A loyal National Purebred Dog Day supporting taking one for the team

Winner’s choice of Master Salt Blend, Tuscan Rosemary or Twisted Lime


Two flip-top shakers donated by offer artisan salt blends using kosher sea salt with premium herbs and spices. This is a family-owned company located in Northern Colorado – the same state that made National Purebred Dog Day official last month. This donation is limited to US participation.

One last thing. There are always surprises, so we reserve the right to screw up and not have you livid with us. Just saying.

About the judges. Joining me to “judge” will be an official Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show photographer, Jack Grassa, a fabulous photographer with an exceptional eye and a keen sense of merriment that makes him the perfect person to help on this project.  I’m especially tickled to announce that the “Mayor of Westminster,” David Frei, will bring his sharp eye and appreciation for mirth to the day’s festivities.Check back often to see updates on the prize list.

The second to last order of business it to download the I (heart) Purebred Dog signs. Click on one of the links below, or better yet, have a copy center like Kinkos, FedEx or the like download the file and print it to however large you want the sign. We mounted ours on foamboard.You DO NOT need to open a Dropbox account to access these files, simply exit out of the prompt window and proceed to the links.

For the PDF format:

For the PNG format:

And finally, here is how you can enter a photo for one of these challenges on Friday. By 12:01 am on May 1 MST, National Purebred Dog Day’s Facebook page will have a post for each of the challenges listed above, each post accompanied by a photo of a prize and its contest. If you want to compete for a particular prize, post your photo under THAT picture, and be sure to include the name of the contest you’re entering in your post just in case you get mixed up. In this organized fashion, everyone can see all the pictures being submitted for the different contests throughout the day. Meanwhile, I’ll be posting pictures you send or that I find elsewhere that show the spirit of National Purebred Dog Day. They should be of owners out and about with their dogs, the purebred dog sign, and admirers smiling as they wonder what the heck is going on.

One last final word; photographs that are posted even one minute before 12:01 AM on May 1, or after midnight on May 1 will be ineligible for a prize.

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Monika & Sam April 29, 2015 at 4:50 pm

As a fellow Coloradoan, big kudos to you on your efforts in getting Joint Resolution 15-1015 [National Purebred Dog Day] passed in our fair state. Well barked, Susi! 🙂


Susi April 30, 2015 at 12:01 am

Well thank you for that, neighbor! Monika, I’m delighted to hear from a fellow Coloradoan. It’s pretty cool that ours was the first state, isn’t it?


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